This *initiative seeks to promote Digital Inclusion in the City of Los Angeles by proposing policy recommendations. Digital Inclusion means that all Angelinos can participate in and take advantage of the economic, educational, health, and civic opportunities afforded by broadband and related information technology.

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Policy Recommendations

In summary, community organizations propose the following policy recommendations  on how the City can promote Digital Inclusion:

1. Digital Inclusion Plan: Develop a comprehensive city-wide Digital Inclusion plan that can leverage available assets, maximize current projects, and develop partnerships with nonprofits and the private sector.

2. Coordination, Accountability, and Implementation: Identify an entity that can oversee the implementation of the Digital Inclusion plan and lead the development of partnerships with nonprofit, community organizations, and the private sector to accomplish the goals.

3. Stakeholder Engagement: Create a mechanism for channeling input from the community to the City on issues regarding Digital Inclusion.

The policy recommendations will be presented to the City Council’s Information Technology and General Services Committee (ITGS). Date of the meeting is pending.


*Map of Current Co-signers (organizations)

* This initiative is coordinated by Community Partners in collaboration with nonprofits and community-based organizations in Los Angeles for the development of a Digital Inclusion plan and it is supported by the Community Collaborative Fund/California Consumer Protection Foundation. For more information, please contact: Richard Chabran, Policy Advisor, CCTPG at chabran@cctpg.org.